Arena and the World Foundation was established by three women, as a result of their vision of the contemporary world. Each of them can see threats and challenges related to mankind, society and the planet Earth. Full of passion, energy and ideas, together they do not want to be indifferent to these problems.

Today?s fast-paced life is based on competition, consumption and individualism. In a rush, people make choices which are not always best for their own well-being, for the society and for the sustainable development of the planet.

Arena and the World Foundation was created to stimulate the development of the society trough three dimensions of education: personal, local and global. The foundation?s activities are based on international exchange of experiences and on finding the best solutions for the balanced development of the human, the society and the planet.

The foundation carries out informative actions, happenings, workshops and trainings which have impact at an individual, local and global level. All activities aim to create harmony between the human being, the society and the world.

Core values of the Foundation:

  • respect (to oneself, to another human, to nature),
  • health,
  • equality,
  • tolerance,
  • creativity.

?Better man ? better society ? better world? is a slogan that represents the fundamental idea of the Arena and the World Foundation. By all means we believe that a human being living in harmony with themselves, with other people and with the surrounding nature is a conscious and responsible participant of the social life. Such a person has the strength to build a better world.

Board Members:

Marta Grześko-Nyczka (President)

Trainer, educator, specialist in creative education. She perfectly finds herself in non-formal education. Bravely and optimistic, she looks forward all the time for new  goals. Initiating and coordinating a lot of activities, she is convinced that, if u can dream it u can do it. What she starts, she has always to find the end. She is determined, organized, perfectionist, but also very open, tolerant and a bit crazy, having million ideas per minute. She loves to work with people. Nobody can?t stop her.

Mara Rodrigues (Vice-president)

Master in international relations and enjoying learning and sharing experiences in international environment. She is the space in between the energy and the discovers. Enjoying discover news things and always curious about everything, she likes to share her energy with people around her. She is a girl born In Portugal and living in Poland. Because of it, she is a natural stereotypes? fighter and promoter of tolerance among people. She enjoys the most spending time with people and learn something from them.

Monika Kościelniak (Vice-president)

University teacher, educator, animator for children and youth. She is happy to have the opportunity to work both with children and adults. That provides her balance, which she appreciates a lot. Each task she is approaching with passion, even though  she is more realistic than hurray-optimistic. The experience and contact with non-governmental organizations she has already gained many years ago, at school, when she undertook the first activity as a volunteer. She likes new challenges, but she also enjoys her daily routine and time spent at home.