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We are an international organization working for local development.
24 01-2018

Our Erasmus+ Seminar


Leszno, Poland from 18th to 22th of February. Seminar for youth workers involved in working in organisations for inclusion of youngsters. So soon.. good ideas, contributions and motivated people to make our NGOs develop better :)

5 12-2017

Seminar for Trainers of Erasmus+ Programme


Już za miesiąc nasza Fundacja realizuje międzynarodowe seminarium dla trenerów programu Erasmus+. Odbędzie się ono w Lesznie, w dniach 4-9 stycznia 2018 r. Poszukujemy uczestników/trenerów z doświadczeniem w prowadzeniu szkoleń w ramach programu Erasmus+, którzy są zainteresowani dalszym rozwojem w tym zakresie oraz dzieleniem się własnymi spostrzeżeniami.

5 01-2017

Nordic-walking in the winter!


We are not afraid of winter, so we are going for nordic walking through the forest! Join us! Make a few steps to be healthy. Don't sit at home. Go out and walk with us :) Start: January 8th, 2017, 11:00 am and then next sundays. Chek it and join us!

12 08-2016

Woman and men… Everyone is able to do the same things in Camp Fury in Chesapeake

12-08-2016|Good to know|

A group of campers are learning all about firefighting this week at Camp Fury in Chesapeake. The program, organized by Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast (GSCC) and the local fire department, aims to show the campers that they can work in any field they want, including traditionally male-dominated ones.

4 08-2016

EU Youth policy survey ? your opinion matters!

04-08-2016|Good to know|

Don?t waste your change to leave your opinion about youth policy in the EU. You have until 16th of October 2016 to answer the survey. It takes around 10minutes.

1 08-2016

Erasmus+ deadlines ? don?t wait until will be too late!

01-08-2016|Good to know|

If you have good ideas to involve youth in the local and international community, then start to plan it for real. Here you can see the deadlines to apply for grant for Erasmus+ projects in 2016.

16 06-2016

We are working on our strategy


We are working together in planning the foundation. We collect all the ideas, we brainstorm, we discuss. Which kind of job we will develop? With whom? When? How? The watch keeps moving. Tic tac tic tac? Two, three hours have passed? between these quite and good job. Our vision is now written in few meters of paper.

13 06-2016

Bicycles Trip


Move with us - our first Foundation's local activity, which opens a serie of different sportive events and aims to encourage residents of Leszno to practice physical activity. We want to be the channel to create connections between people along with the contact with nature. It's a perfect opportunity to meet friends and unstress from the a week of work and from a life in constant hurry.

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