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We are an international organization working for local development.
28 05-2016

3.. 2.. 1.. Start!


It?s a beautiful spring to get on the two wheels and get to know the roads in direction of the nearby lakes. Move with us is the first event, developed by our foundation, which opens a series of different sport events and aims to encourage the local society to do physical outdoor activities.

16 05-2016

Project ?Wielkopolska Wiara? granted


Arena was granted with the first local project ? ?Wielkopolska Wiara?, organized by the centre PISOP. We applied for a fund which supports new organizations to start running their activities.

5 04-2016

The airport in India became the first in the world running only by solar energy

05-04-2016|Good to know|

Kerala?s Cochin International Airport has become the first in the world to run entirely on solar power. With a 45-acre field of solar panels, the setup has a 12-megawatt peak capacity which means the airport will not have to spend a dime on electricity.

25 02-2016

Make the world a better place depends only from all of us

25-02-2016|Good to know|

Our world is a beautiful place and it has sustained everything living on it for millions of years. Although our presence has done much damage to it, we still have a chance to change it.

24 01-2016

Check how creative is your country

24-01-2016|Good to know|

Talent, Tolerance and Technology. Do those concepts have something in common? They, in fact, do. By December 2015 a research on creativity was developed and it shows that the cities more creative are those which collect talent, tolerance and technology.

15 01-2016

Mission impossible done! Welcome Arena and the World


This was the step which proved us that ?if you can dream it, you can do it? and with that motto we started this foundation. For some, it seemed impossible, but it became true. Registration in the Court ? done (it took us two weeks in total with all bureaucracies).

3 01-2016

Is your country tolerant? Check it here

03-01-2016|Good to know|

The follow index, from 2011, developed by the Gallup World Poll shows, among 140 countries, which countries are more tolerant to minorities. The report shows that Canada was the most tolerant country regarding average community acceptance of the minority groups. Australia, New Zealand and the United States tended to be relatively tolerant as well.

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