Arena and the World Foundation is an international organization operating in favour of local development. All educational and cultural activities are related to three areas:

HUMAN ? supporting the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of a human being, including:

  • promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle, and preventing diseases of civilization,
  • reducing the effects of stress, e.g. as a result of overworking,
  • developing creativity and improving social skills.

SOCIETY ? supporting the development of the society, particularly through activities whose aim is to increase social integration, including:

  • promoting respect for ethnic and national minorities,
  • preventing social exclusion based on such aspects as: social statuts, poverty, age, sex, disability, race, gender, orphanage,
  • building partnership with other organizations operating in similar fields,
  • promoting conscious and responsible parenthood, improving social skills through social campaigns, brochures, books, workshops, trainings.

WORLD ? supporting the balanced development, including:

  • promoting close contact with nature and attitude towards protection of natural resources,
  • building consumer consciousness and consumer responsibility,
  • promoting animal rights and animal protection.

The foundation implements its objectives mainly through:

  • initializing, organizing and participating in workshops, trainings, conferences;
  • academic, research and publishing activities;
  • organizing happenings, exhibitions, concerts;
  • creating and implementing educational and informative programs;
  • cooperation with media;
  • cooperation with individuals, legal entities, public institutions, government and non-government institutions, including foreign and international organizations which share the Foundation?s objectives.